Nov 15, 2010

Girls Shopping Trip.

Sloan and I went shopping a couple weeks ago for Jodie & Shea's wedding gift. Usually I lug her in her car seat and stick her in the main part of the shopping cart, which doesn't leave much space for purchases. But as she's is getting older sitting in her car seat isn't her idea of fun. So we broke out the Buggy Bagg and she had her first ride in a shopping cart big girl style. She wasn't sure about it at first, but once she got the hang of it she was checking everything out and flashing smiles at everyone. I don't think she'll be settling for the car seat method in the future. I wasn't sure about the Buggy Bagg but I'm sold due to (1) the support it provided since she wasn't quite sitting up on her own and (2) the germ factor, the entire cart in her reach was covered.

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